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We are proud to have a professional, innovative and dedicated team who believe “If the students do not learn the way we teach, we teach the way they learn.”
Our Instructors are passionate and committed educators, excited to continue seeking ways to understand and scaffolding the needs of every student. Boaz benefits from a structured curriculum and a range of teaching styles and approaches that are student-centered, innovative, progressive, experiential and reflective.
Our Instructors are flexible, creative, and fun. We expect our instructors to be able to think out of the box and create or apply a game innovatively to teach with a specific objective on spot. They continuously seek ways to create a dynamic learning environment where the joy of learning, achievement, and success is evident and celebrated.
Instructors at Boaz devote their time and energy willingly to a variety of roles and responsibilities expected in a high-quality institute. Continuously looking for ways to help students achieve their potential, instructors play an important role in building positive relationships with our parents and value the strong sense of partnership that exists between home and school.

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