We Serve With Hearts
Boaz International Education is committed to empower children to success.
Our Vision

To build a society where everyone’s talent is appreciated.

Our Mission
  • Boaz is committed to provide comprehensive programmes which equip students with skills to become independent learners.
  • Boaz is committed to procide self-discovery programmes for students to know their self-value and learn to contribute to the society.
  • Boaz is devoted to educate parents and teachers on potential success in our students.
Our Belief

“Every student has their own intelligence.” ( Dr. Howard Gardner, Researcher )
Boaz International Education believes everyone is born with special talents. Everyone can develop their maximum potential by identifying their strengths and acquiring suitable learning skills.

We see Dyslexia as…

Differences make us special,
You should not doubt your child.
See their challenges from a different angle,
Learn to appreciate without denial.
Excellent results will come after awhile,
XYZ” is no longer applicable.
Identify their strengths and give them a trail,
A successful life will appear in your child.

By Twiggy Chan
Boaz’s Founder